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To realize your dream journey has become much easier! It’s only you who are the chief director of your holiday. Altogether with Trаvellizy service, the joy of the future journey already starts at planning and organization stages. Starting from your own desires and needs, you get a ready-made solution of your trip worked out in the smallest detail

What is

Appreciate your time and comfort with Travellizy, plan and organize your vacation without leaving home. Traveling with us, you will no longer have to monitor dozens of different sites, because all the top-notch information is collected in one place and works for you. Create your dream journey in a few minutes


How to travel

Destination choice
Time and dates of the trip
Transportation order
Accommodation reservation
Leisure activities
24-hour support
Share your adventures with the World

Travellizy Club

With the function of Travellizy Club our service has become even more beneficial. Either you travel by plane, relax in a hotel or go to concerts, during all this time Travellizy Club bonus seconds are credited on your virtual account. Using them you can partly pay for the next trip services. Be aware of current actions, discounts, prizes, and much much more that will make your trip enjoyable by all means.

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Travellizy Community

Community Travellizy is a company of active people, guru of independent trips, of those who give value to a high-quality rest. It’s a community of passion-lovers. Join us and you will always be able to:

  • Share impressions and experiences of your adventures
  • Use valuable information from trustworthy sources
  • Make friends with like-minded people or useful acquaintances
  • Be aware of tourism world news
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Travel Mapping

An interactive travel map for each client is what you need to capture your adventures and be inspired for future trips. Mark on the map the cities and countries which you have already visited, share them with your friends in social networks or Travellizy Community with your own Travel-achievements, plan visiting new places

Trip Folder

As a Travellizy club member you get access to an individual folder with additional information about your trip. You will find answers to your questions nicely arranged in one spot. From visa papers to local etiquette recommendations — reliable advice and practical information will now be within touch

Trip Folder

Set your own budget

You decide yourself what your journey will be like. Set your financial limit and get a ready-made solution where everything will be mentioned – starting with the way of movement up to visiting cultural events that only you are interested in

Concierge Service

Concierge service is your 24-hour assistant wherever you are. It’s a solution of vital and force - majeure situations. Using this free built-in option you get the necessary help, whatever:

  • Business meetings, conferences, negotiations or leisure arrangement
  • Roads & traffic help: rent, insurance, evacuation, etc.
  • Language support, courier services, hotel and air-tickets reservation
  • Constant support all over the world
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Flight Status

Tracking your flight status has become much more easier - just enter the destination or flight details. Take-off & landing weather conditions, service features, air carrier news - all of them are automatically available in our services package making your staying at the airport much more comfortable


Be aware of art events with Travellizy. Any cultural event – starting with original local festivals up to world-famous celebrities’ shows. It is up to you whether to be directly involved or stay an observer. Visiting exhibitions, gastro-festivals, stage performances you get acquainted with a new country at the same time. It is possible to search and book tickets in advance. Choose yourself what is preferable for you


No more delays, compromises and food experiments during your journey. Specify your necessary vegetarian and exotic cuisine, children's food, diet peculiarities in advance. With Trаvellizy you can study the menu of the chosen restaurant in good time and follow with the table reservation. Everything will be arranged just in time of your arrival. Enjoy the journey, together with the ‘tasty’ side of your trip

Travellizy for mobile devices

Trаvellizy Mobile application is your connection and topical data at every stage of the trip. Download our application and you will be happy with the following:

  • Quick access to the whole travel information
  • Mobility and usability of your trip
  • User-friendly program
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Why Travellizy?

For Travelers

  • Best deals

    Your journey is a reflection of your wishes and opportunities. You set up the trip options and enjoy the final result

  • Interest destinations

    Trаvellizy is a travel arrangement from A to Z, 24-hour support, an incentives system and a treasure of unique information

  • Travellizy Club

    Register in our loyalty program right now and take its advantages from the first trip

  • Travellizy Community

    Passion for travel unites people. Tell us about your adventures, share other travelers’ experience and plan new trips together with like-minded people

Advantages for Entrepreneurs

  • Partnership program

    We are open to cooperate with business representatives: starting with the restaurant and hotel industry up to excursion services. Join us for mutually beneficial work

  • Affiliate Program

    Share the info about us in your blog or account and get your interest from each new Travellizy customer. Perhaps, e-commerce is your cup of tea

  • Local representative

    You know how, and, most importantly, have what to tell the guests of your city or country about local sights and attractions? Activity, sociability, and goodwill are your main qualities? Then become a Travellizy agent in your region right now

  • 24/7 Support

    We are ready to be at your service faithfully 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are delighted to be helpful to you